Initial Consultation

Introductory meeting that allows us to address any questions and gather an understanding of your desires. Also provides us the opportunity to discuss the important factors of purchasing or building a home such as neighborhoods, building plans, standard features, upgrade options, pricing etc.

Also at this time, we’ll determine if our Buy Direct or Rent while Building programs would be of any benefit to you.

Buy Direct Rent While Building

Choose your Location

While there are many factors in this decision, most people choose their neighborhood based on the proximity to the locations they visit most (work, school, daycare, church, shopping, etc)

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Make it Official

Upon finalizing the floor plan the next step is formalizing the purchase agreement. Traditionally Empire Homes assumes the responsibility of financing the construction of your new home.


Pick your Plan

Select or modify a floor plan from our extensive library of building plans or let Empire Homes assist in crafting a floor plan specifically designed to fit your tastes and budget. Empire Homes’ team will guide you through the process of designing your home with our complimentary drafting services.

In addition, Empire Homes offers “Rent while building” program allowing
flexible living arrangement while we build your new home.


Start the Building Process

From initial planning to coordintating the final finishes, there are many tasks taking place behind the scenes.


Meet the Team

An Empire Homes representative will address any preconstruction questions and guide you through the selection and building process.

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    Personalize Your Home

    Meet with our Preferred Vendors to select your desired furnishings and features.

    Preferred Partners
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Checking In

An Empire Homes’ representative will touch base every 30-45 days and meet you on site for a pre-drywall walkthrough.


Seal the Deal

Final Walk-Through

Now is the time you note on our Final Walk-Through form any overlooked items such as paint touchups, etc.


You are now a proud homeowner!

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Closing Your Home

Once construction nears completion, we will determine an estimated closing date. We will coordinate with lender, title company, etc.


Follow Up

Empire Homes provides a 1 year warranty which includes a 30 day post closing service to address any concerns or questions.

Download a Copy of our Home Building Process