Why Empire?

Empire Homes LLC Sioux Falls Office

As a local builder and community developer, Empire Homes has built homes in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities since 2008. By offering many product types within our neighborhoods we can accommodate most homebuyer's desired floor plan, budget and location. In addition to our neighborhoods, we also have access to other lots, locations and neighborhoods made available by other Sioux Falls developers.

We provide an engaging yet straightforward, transparent home buying experience. By using high quality materials and local Preferred Partners we offer choices from the most trusted brands. To ensure quality, we implement a building process that features various checkpoints and inspections along with continued homeowner support through our post-closing Customer Care program. We also offer informational meetings relating to our building process, standard features, finishes and pricing. Through all these measures we offer peace of mind knowing your home will shine through time.    

We Welcome Realtors

Empire Homes appreciates and values the realtors that have introduced our homes to their clients. One of our most valuable assets is the trust and confidence of realtors and their clients. It is our goal to foster this realtor/client relationship by providing a positive and rewarding home buying experience.